5 Reasons Why Ending Smallville Season 11 Is A Good Thing

09 I'll start off by saying that I'm simply not that big of a DC fan. Marvel is much more my style. However, one medium where DC rules the roost is in the medium of television. Wonder Woman, Batman (now a hilarious comic by the name of Batman '66), Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, and most prominently, Smallville €“ the show which made Chloe Sullivan and Whitney Fordman an official part of the Superman lore €“ have all brought the publisher's heroes to the small screen in appropriately grand fashion. The show actually broke the record (albeit by five episodes) for the longest consecutively running sci-fi television series of all time. Not the proudest title to hold, but no matter what, 218 episodes and 10 seasons is an impressive feat for something that is pretty much Dawson's Creek with superheroes. After going down in history as television's answer to 2012's The Avengers (which is surprisingly not picked up on all that often, most probably because the only characters never featured in the show were Batman and Wonder Woman, the most prominent characters in the DC universe apart from our humble Kal-El), Smallville gracefully bowed out of the small screen on May 13, 2011. However, on February 8, 2012, Smallville Season 11 was announced, not as a television series, but as a comic book. So a comic book based on the series which was based on the comic book? I don't care, the show was excellent and it was good to see it come back, in any form. April 13, 2012 came around, and the results were, as Larry David would say, pretty good. The humour was enjoyable, the action was fitting, the characters seemed as if they were fresh of our television screens and it seemed as though this would be an enjoyable endeavour. Characters were being brought back, others introduced for the first time (such as the aforementioned Batman and Wonder Woman, who weren't able to appear in the series due to them being too expensive to buy the rights for), and everything seemed to be going well. That was until just after issue 11, when the Argo storyarc began. Suddenly, characters looked different, if they were there at all, and the quality just didn't seem as good anymore. Thankfully, Bryan Q. Miller (the creator and genius behind such an idea) must have seen this too, and is currently in the process of revamping the show €“ uh, I mean, comic. Miller had decided that Olympus/Hollow would be the final "episodes" of the series (we'll get to that later), and Clark Kent would return in Smallville: Miniseries. Effectively, Season 12. This list compiles five reasons as to why this change is most definitely a good thing...

Honourable Mention: The Strange Publication Schedule

013 Smallville Season 11 is not a print comic. Nor is it a digital comic. It's both. The show has this extremely strange release schedule, that really can only be shown via a diagram: Week 1 of 4 - The first third of Issue X is released digitally. Week 2 of 4 - The second third of Issue X is released digitally. Week 3 of 4 - The final third of Issue X is released digitally. Week 4 of 4 - The three thirds of Issue X are collected and released in print form. However, after 12 issues of doing this they decided to alter it slightly: Week 4 of 4 - The three thirds of Issue X are collected and released in print form. The first quarter of a side-story called "Smallville: Special" is released online. The collected print versions of the Special are released sporadically. Confused? Join the club. It's not particularly good when I have to look up the comic on Smallville's Wikia page to know what I'm going to be reading on any given week. However, it is at the very least convenient in the sense that we are getting our Smallville fix every week of the year, no matter how confusing. That is one of two reasons that this is merely an honourable mention, the other being that they haven't fixed it for the revamped Season 12. If you're up for a quick Google search every Saturday, then get the digital version. If you're not a fan of that and you're more of a patient person, just get the print releases. Not to mention that now Season 12 has begun, the "Special" side-series hasn't rebooted, so Special #4 will be either the ninth or the tenth story in the timeline, the ninth story released, the fourth issue of the "Special" side-series but the first of the new "Miniseries" Season 12 series. It really is that mind-boggling, so let's try to ignore it and move on. Click "next to begin the countdown!
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