5 Reasons Why Batman: Zero Year Won't Disappoint


The time is almost here for the next issue of Batman to hit stands, and with it starts the newest iteration of the Dark Knight€™s crime fighting origins €“ Zero Year. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo€™s epic 11 issue arc showing just how Bruce Wayne came to be the Batman in the New 52 universe. Expectations are high, skepticism is everywhere and naysayers are already yelling, €œHow could you?!€ while brandishing their copies of Year One.

Yes, anymore it seems like that it is impossible to hurl a Batarang without hitting a Batman origin tale, but that doesn€™t mean that we as readers should be so quick to write this one off. In fact, we should be aware that this event was inevitable ever since the inception of the brand-wide relaunch that is the New 52. Let's look at it in a different light - this is only the second volume of Batman. Other titles from both of the major publishers, and smaller ones, have multiple volumes and sagas, and having a "new" origin isn't all that uncommon.

So while the premise of "Batman's crime fighting origins" might initially elicit reactions and groans of "Again?" keep in mind the creative team behind this one - Snyder and Capullo. Their passion is rare, and they have yet to steer their readers wrong. Plus, Snyder has said that it's going to show Bruce building the mother Batcave, and that's just awesome, so here are my five reasons that this book won't disappoint.


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