5 Silly Times Superman And Batman Swapped Identities

Sometimes you just need to dress up as your your friend for fun.

DC Comics

Superman and Batman first met in the 76th issue of Superman in 1952. Forced to share a room on a cruise ship, the two accidentally discovered each other’s secret identity. Continuing their adventures in crossovers in World’s Finest Comics, their team-ups soon became a fan favorite. Through ups and downs, they have remained super-friends going on close to 70 years of comic history.

Batman’s grim pessimism and Superman’s shiny optimistic view of humanity make for a fascinating friendship. It’s probably not surprising that occasions have called for the two to switch places. Both are heroic dark-haired orphans and they do a decent job of looking like each other when they need to.

In comics and animation Superman has taken the place of Batman to confuse villains, disguise the fact that Batman is missing or to use his super-strength to take care of a situation that would kill the mortal Batman.

This isn’t going to be about those times.

It’s about the times when the excuses were flimsy and costumes were swapped just for fun. After all, what’s better than Superman dressing up as Batman not out of any true necessity but for some silly reason?


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