5 Silly Times Superman And Batman Swapped Identities

5. Lois Lane And Superman Dress Up As Batman And Robin

DC Comics

Superman #130

Lois Lane and Clark Kent don't dress up as Robin and Batman to fight crime, or for any heroic reason. They decide to dress up for a Halloween party. Lois surprises Clark with the costumes. She knows he will hate the idea and so doesn’t tell him until right before the party. She says there weren’t any other options and everything else was rented, but you think she could have found literally anything else.

It’s worth noting that at this point in the series run Superman has worked with Batman, and Lois knows it. Clark points out that Batman will murder him if he finds out, and Lois laughs his fears off. She doesn’t deny that Batman might try to kill him. She just points out that, “He can’t kill you. You’re Superman,” which makes it clear Lois doesn’t know the humorless Batman very well. He’s the kind of guy to keep kryptonite just in case.

So there Clark and Lois are, at their work party, awkwardly dressed in a Batman and Robin couples costume. What makes this even more delightful is that they decide to make out so publicly that some coworkers in the crowd around them actually comment on it.

What I’m saying is: Batman is definitely going to kill Superman.


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