5 Times Spider-Man Overcame Great Odds (And 5 Times He Quit)

5 Times Spider-Man Overcame Impossible Odds...

5. Defeating Morlun

Spider Man Morlun
Marvel Comics/John Romita Jr

J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr. kicked off their ballyhooed run on Amazing Spider-Man with a bang.

The five-part 'Coming Home' storyline presents a new take on Spider-Man/Peter Parker's origin. JMS and JRJR introduce the mystical Ezekiel, another man with spider-powers like Peter. Ezekiel raises the idea that perhaps Peter has inherent totemic powers and that the radioactive spider bite he received as a teenager was just a means to awaken them.

JMS and JRJR then introduce a brand new supervillain, Morlun, a vampiric monster that feeds off totem powers. Morlun is a true force to be reckoned with, beating Spider-Man to a pulp multiple times throughout the arc. Morlun also knows exactly how to draw Spider-Man out to face him - preying on Peter's overwhelming sense of responsibility by attacking innocent bystanders throughout the city.

At one point, Peter makes a somber call to his Aunt May. Thinking that he's about to be killed by Morlun, he tells her one more time how much she means to him. But Spider-Man finds a way to overcome this monster. Rather than avoid another confrontation with Morlun, Spider-Man demonstrates his courage and ingenuity by allowing him to feed on him. In doing so, Morlun is actually weakened by Peter's blood, which was made radioactive by his spider bite.

Using the rallying cry, I'm not pure, Peter is able to beat down a weakened Morlun and drive the monster away (at least for a little while).

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