5 Ways To Make Wolverine Great Again

Hands up who thinks Wolverine has lost his way in comics? Let's try and fix that shall we?


Wolverine first graced us with his presence back in 1974 when he fought the Hulk. Since then, through joining the X-Men, being the mysterious outsider, finding out about the Weapon X project, regular run-ins with arch enemy Sabertooth, having his adamantium skeleton removed (and put back in) and, of course, via the X-Men movie franchise he has woven his way into our hearts and in turn become one of the most popular comic book characters around. It€™s hard not to love Wolverine yet somewhere over the past 5-10 years our clawed hero seems to have slipped a little. Now pinpointing Wolverine€™s arrival in comic book limbo is a tough one. Was it the reveal of his origin story? Finding out all about €˜James€™ and his first steps towards becoming Wolverine. This was a great story but was the mystery of Wolverine€™s past ,the thing we loved about him? Was it the X-Men films, that made Wolverine the central mutant when we all knew he shouldn€™t have been this front and centre? Was it his own dire movie, Wolverine: Origins that bombarded us with a bastardised version our his past? Maybe it€™s all of these reasons and more. One big thing is pure Wolverine overkill in the Marvel books. Wolverine appears in pretty much ALL of the Marvel titles every month it seems. This character that we all fell in love with for being a loner, the quiet one with claws and the guy that is the best at what he does is now quite literally a character who is everything for everybody. He€™s a headmaster of a school full of mutant kids. He€™s the leader of a dark version of the X-Men. He€™s in the Avengers. He€™s out on his own and if anyone puts a team together, Wolverine usual rocks up to join the party. Pretty sociable for a loner, right? More recently Wolverine proved to be almost utterly flaccid within the Avengers vs X-Men summer 2012 event. His bickering with Scott Summers has been milked to death and there€™s a real sense that Marvel really doesn't really know what to do with him at the moment. Well then, here's 5 ways to make Wolverine great again.
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