6 Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man Across The Multiverse

Let's check out some versions of Spidey we may not know as well..

Spider-Man has had a number of alternate reality variations of the character over the years, which is no surprise considering the popularity level of the character. Different creators have taken Spidey on a number of different paths across the multiverse, with drastically different realities showing us incredibly wild takes on the character. We previously looked at 6 Interesting Versions of Cyclops Across the Multiverse, which only pumped us up for Spidey's turn. So to start us off, let's get to know the mainstream Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man.
Peter Parker, existing in the 616 mainstream universe, was a typically nerdy bookworm, known as a wallflower to his schoolmates who called him "Puny" Parker. During a science experiment, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, which gave him the proportionate strength of a spider, the ability stick to walls, enhanced agility, and probably the most powerful weapon in his repertoire, a Spider-Sense that warns him of danger. Spidey has been a leading hero in Marvel's pantheon, and as both a trusted member of the Avengers and even the Fantastic Four, is widely respected among his superhero peers. His relationships and personal life have always added tragedy to Peter's life, which Spider-Man often covers with his quick-witted sense of humor. Now let's check out some versions of Spidey we may not know as well...
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