6 Comics You've Never Heard Of That Should Be Netflix Shows

6. Nexus

First Comics / Mike Baron / Steve Rude

With every superhero ever getting their own show, it's about time Nexus did. It is a mix of pathos, comedy and action while still managing to be deeply emotionally sincere. Like Umbrella Academy it deals with themes of how being a superhero isn't always so super.

The protagonist, Horatio, is the superhero Nexus and he has a very unfortunate gift given to him by an alien. He dreams prophetic visions of who he must kill and will suffer increasing pain until he does. The visions are always of evil people who are in theory deserving of this justice. The result is that Nexus is (in early stories) viewed by the public as an executioner who appears at random and murders people. Wracked with guilt, he is an insomniac who does his best not to dream.

Created by Mike Baron and penciled by Steve Rude, Nexus was published by Capital Comics before it found it's home at First Comics with a few of its miniseries published by Dark Horse. With some 105 issues of compelling source material it's hard to believe this series hasn't been picked up for a show yet.

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