7 Awesome Batman Gadgets That You Can Actually Own

But please, keep ‘em off the rooftops; that’s how somebody loses an eye.

The name Batman is undoubtedly synonymous with the word €˜gadgets€™. They€™re how he defeats his enemies, how he solves mysteries, even how he gets around Gotham City. Even the immortal James Bond can€™t match the Caped Crusader when it comes to hardware. In fact Batman€™s fondness of gadgetry is undoubtedly one of the reason he€™s such a popular character in the eyes of the world. His heavy utilization and reliance on them is a constant reminder of his humanity. They€™re a constant reminder of how his brain, his ability to deduce and engineer, is what forms the basis of his superpower. Of course it€™s impossible for you or I to do what the Dark Knight does, even with a set of murdered parents and fifteen years spare to dedicate to amassing the skill and intelligence. I mean deducing murder suspects and criminal connections is one thing, but having the stones to dive off a skyscraper in pursuit of your goal is different matter entirely, ability to glide or no. No it€™s definitely not feasible for a simple human to be able to match Batman in terms of skill, dedication and fierce conviction of principal. It is possible however, for the most part at least, to own some of the gadgets that he employs in his efforts, even if you lack the required finesse to use them like he does. So without further introduction, here are 7 of Batman€™s innumerable gadgets that you can actually own in real life in some form or another. But please, keep €˜em off the rooftops; that€™s how somebody loses an eye.
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