7 Comic Book Story Arcs That Were Never Finished (And Why)

One day you're crafting the best Galactus comic ever, and then...

The Last Galactus Story
Marvel Comics

A story without an ending - while still a story - inevitably feels incomplete. More so than most other mediums (bar perhaps television), comics are particularly prone to cancellation before a given storyline has reached its conclusion. Some never even make it to the stands, while others are at least given the chance to wrap up an arc before drawing to a close. The following comics however, didn't enjoy such fortune.

Either because of a scheduling conflict, a battle over creative control or just an untimely cancellation, some of the most beloved stories in the medium never got to end on their own terms - if they even got an ending at all. For fans invested in a series over a period of months or even years this always tends to come as a bitter shock, but for those creators absorbed in their work, cancellation can sting for a long time after.

Sadly, depriving writers and artists of the opportunity to wrap up a given arc isn't a problem consigned to a bygone era. The trend has continued into the 2010s and one would assume things won't change in the new decade either; cancellations are symptomatic of larger, more ingrained issues entrenched in the industry.

It never gets any easier, and the following books are a testament to that very fact.

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