7 Comic Book Story Arcs That Were Never Finished (And Why)

7. Rick Veitch's Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing Rick Veitch
DC Comics

Swamp Thing was Vertigo's darling to the eighties and nineties, and for good reason. Alan Moore had done amazing things on the character alongside a number of artists, among them Rich Veitch. Veitch would later take the reigns on Swamp Thing as a writer, but it all came to an abrupt close when he decided that Jesus Christ himself would appear in the book's 88th issue.

DC - specifically editor Jenette Khan, in what was admittedly an out of character move for the then president of the publisher - was apparently anxious that the publication of the issue could trigger a religious backlash due to concerns over blasphemy, and so decided that it wouldn't be published. Veitch promptly departed the series and DC as a whole, justifiably vexed that the publisher had stifled his creative freedom over what was effectively a non-issue.

This of course meant that Veitch never got the opportunity to finish his arc. The reigns were handed to Doug Wheeler, who took the series in a different direction thereafter.

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