7 Reasons Why Batman: The Long Halloween Is The Most Overrated Batman Book Ever

7. The Shameless Plagiarism Of The Godfather

carminefalcone The Long Halloween is mostly about the Gotham mob but instead of coming up with original characters or depictions of gangsters, Loeb instead opts to flat out copy the most famous mob story ever €“ The Godfather. Loeb is so bereft of ideas and unoriginal that he lifts scenes, dialogue and characters from The Godfather and inserts them into his book. He doesn€™t even try to modify them! Here are some of the direct grabs Loeb took from The Godfather: - The opening scene of the book is a mob wedding at the mob boss€™ house. - Carmine €œThe Roman€ Falcone, looking exactly like Don Corleone with his Consigliere stood behind him (at least he€™s not called Tom Hagan), is in his house dealing with business as the wedding party is happening. - Outside the Falcone€™s property, Harvey Dent is in the car park taking down licence plate registrations. - Instead of the mob boss€™ favourite son being sent to Italy, it€™s the favourite nephew. - The panel where a mob guy is showing Alberto Falcone how to cook €œA little sugar. Some fresh tomatoes. And then you add the sausages€ is the same scene from the film when Clemenza is teaching Michael how to cook. - €œHave the veal. It€™s best in the city€ is the same line from the restaurant assassination scene. - The elderly retired head of the family dying in a vineyard. - €œI love you - but never ask me to explain...€ Loeb had no idea how to write gangsters so he didn€™t even try. It crosses the line from homage to shameless rip-off.
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