8 Alternate Versions Of Comic Book Characters That Would Be Perfect On-Screen

The Ultimate Universe already inspired the MCU before. Who's to say it won't do so again?

DC Comics

The multiverse has been used to explore comic book characters for a long time. These alternate universes generally alter the circumstances of popular characters until they're forced to change into a different person than what the fans are used to. Sometimes their world is drastically changed and they're forced to adapt. And sometimes their origins are changed substantially, causing them to develop different personalities and worldviews.

This has already worked out well in film on more than one occasion. The MCU borrows numerous elements from the Ultimate universe; Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse is widely regarded as one of the best Spider-Man stories ever; Logan is based loosely off of the Old Man Logan universe and is one of the most beloved X-Men movies.

The more material a creator has to draw from, the easier it is to make a compelling narrative. Adapting elements of the Ultimate Venom origin into a Spider-Man movie or making a standalone movie about The Batman Who Laughs could provide audiences with some of the most interesting interpretations of those characters to be portrayed in film.

The alternate worlds of DC and Marvel have already inspired so much cinematic material, but they could form the basis for even more...


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