8 Awesome Alan Moore Moments That We Didn't Get To See On Film

8. Allan & Mina's Relationship - The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Of all the adaptations of Alan Moore's work, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman film would have to be the most disappointing. It was critically panned upon release, did poorly at the box office, and proved to be such a bad experience for legendary actor Sean Connery that he decided to hang up his Scottish accent and give acting away altogether. What makes this particularly frustrating is that the film bares such little resemblance to the cracking graphic novels on which it was based. Rather than follow Moore's writing the film created an entirely new plot, ignoring its award-winning source material for something that Uwe Boll probably scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin. It also added new characters (eg: Tom Sawyer), deleted others, and changed the nature of many of the graphic novel's characters to the point where they were barely recognisable. In the graphic novel Mina Harker (originally from Dracula) is the leader of the group, bringing all the members together and ensuring that they keep in line. In the film, though, it is Connery's Allan Quatermain who is in charge, with Peta Wilson's Mina kept mostly on the sidelines. This is quite ironic, seeing that when the two meet for the first time in the graphic novel, Allan is a hopeless opium addict and Mina is the one rescuing him. The nature of the relationship between the two reaches its most important moment in the second volume. Mina - strong, proud and beautiful - cajoles the decrepit Allan into bed with her, the fear on his aged face clearly evident. The scene makes it clear to the reader who the real heroic leader of the group , and even when a younger version of Allan appears in LXG: Black Dossier (his body de-aged thanks to a dip in the Pool of Fire), Mina is still very much the one who wears the pants in this relationship.

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