8 Comics Outside Of Marvel And DC You Should Totally Check Out

It's not all about the Big Two!


When you refer to comic books nowadays, you’re more than likely to think about superheroes.

Lads in colorful outfits saving the world and fighting off giant purple aliens have become practically synonymous with the medium due to the massive success of Marvel and DC, but while these two juggernaut companies have provided years’ worth of entertainment through their characters and stories, their popularity can often cause people to overlook other reading material from different genres or companies.

Publishers like Image or Dark Horse Comics (to name a few) have provided a virtual smorgasbord of high quality comic books throughout the years that have garnered awards and passionate fan bases of their own. The creator owned content published by many of these companies allow for the artistic freedom to create properties that are wholly unique and original, resulting in some of the most captivating stories you’ll ever read.

So if you're new to comics, or simply looking to broaden your reading horizons outside of the mainstream serialized hero pulps, let's take a look at those comics outside of Marvel and DC that are well worth your attention...

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