8 Comics Outside Of Marvel And DC You Should Totally Check Out

8. Southern Bastards

Image Comics

The first entry on this list comes from the fantastic team of Jason Aaron and Jason Latour, who came together to create what they refer to as a story about everything they both love and hate about the South.

An ongoing series that began in 2014, this comic focuses on the small town of Craw County in the American South where football is a part of the city, and crime goes unpunished so long as it’s in service to the benefit of the town’s football career. The comic explores the various characters that live there and their connection to crime lord and football coach Euless Boss.

The creative team behind Southern Bastards are always on their A-game. Aaron’s writing manages to bring out the humanity in characters who are utterly despicable while Latour’s art really emphasizes this ugly realness of the people being drawn. Combined, their work on this book makes everything feel real and gritty, resulting in a story that feels all the more engaging.

Southern Bastards isn’t just one of the best comics outside of Marvel and DC - it’s one of the best comics you’ll read, period.

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