8 Oldest DC Characters

Martian Manhunter is a lot older than you may think...

Martian Manhunter DC Comics
DC Comics

DC Comics may not be as famed for their cosmic stories as Marvel is these days, but the company is by no means short of historic figures.

Much like the House of Ideas, DC boasts a varied cast of characters with some figures even being centuries, millennia or even millions of years old. Unlike Marvel, however, most of DC's oldest figures actually play a recurring role in the publisher's stories, fighting on the side of both good and evil with the kind of wisdom that would make even the sagest of superhero mentors green with envy.

In some instances, it's even downright surprising that these characters are as old as they are, with it becoming apparent that writers and artists have only touched upon a fragment of their lives in the comics.

Unfortunately, DC don't tend to really telegraph the ages of their characters as well as their rivals, so there are likely to be a whole load of figures who are older that won't make it onto the list. However, one thing there's no denying is that the following figures are both old AF and are tremendously iconic, having featured in some of the most famous and impactful DC stories of the modern age.

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