8 Oldest DC Characters

8. Zealot - Thousands Of Years Old

Zealot DC Comics
DC Comics

Although the character originally started out as a character in Wildstorm's original line of comics, with the publisher having been an imprint of DC for a while Zealot has since become a member of their universe too, often starring alongside Deathstroke the Terminator with her iconic silver hair and red outfit.

Originally created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee, Zealot is actually thousands of years old and heralds from the alien planet of Khera. She came to Earth after her ship crash landed, and blended into the human populace. Though she is not immortal, the character boasts super-strength, and a mastery in all forms of combat.

Lacking any kind of immortality, it stands to reason that the only way Zealot has survived for so long is because of her proficiency in combat. Add to that the fact she had the chance to get even more powerful with the aid of magic, only to reject it, and it illustrates that Zealot isn't just a wise old character, but an honourable one at that.

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