8 Reasons Why Marvel Really Is Better Than DC

Bring your pitchforks - it's controversial opinion time.

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Over a year after 9 Reasons Why DC Really is Better Than Marvel was brought kicking and screaming into our world, it's time to complete the circle, and argue the exact opposite; that it is, in fact, the Spider-Man wielding, Disney-merged franchise that is the superior of the two.

And while both DC and Marvel have their respective strengths, in the wake of Avengers: Endgame rising to the number one grossing film of all time worldwide, it's definitely worth exploring what makes Marvel more appealing - ostensibly - to a wider audience. Although many aspects of DC and Marvel are similar, the way in which they use the role of superheroes is wildly different, with the House of Ideas arguably creating some significantly more relatable and empathetic characters than its darker twin.

Despite being the comics underdog in many regards, Marvel has proven time and again that it can hold its own against the Distinguished Competion - and even outdo them, here and there.

While avid DC fans may disagree, Marvel is now the frontrunner in terms of recognisable comic franchises - so they have to be doing something right.

8. The Reboots Are WAY Less Confusing

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Both DC and Marvel are guilty of rebooting their franchises more than is good for a cohesive timeline.

While Marvel has also received flack for this, DC's reboots tend to be more of an upheaval, as those like the New 52 and Rebirth not only totally change pretty much every existing DC title, but also require you to read around a series of other comics to get the full picture.

While this interconnectedness should work to create a sense of consistency - as these reboots are technically continuing a chronological timeline - it actually serves to confuse it further, as to gain an understanding of where the characters are today, you have to also learn all the convoluted events that rewrote the universe.

Meanwhile, Marvel's reboots - while undeniably likely also the source of much confusion - tend to exist in their own separate sphere, which those who dislike it can safely ignore (for the most part). Neither are perfect strategies, but in terms of making reboots that are easier to digest, Marvel has to take the win.


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