8 Reasons Why Marvel Really Is Better Than DC

7. The Lighter Tone Works Better

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Marvel Comics

While DC is not quite the pit of despair it is often made out to be, it also seldom mirrors the genuinely hilarious joke-fest that Marvel provides so consistently within its comics.

This isn't to say that Marvel is without it's darker moments either - with moments like Iron Man's descent into alcoholism, or Hank Pym beating his wife proving that pretty efficiently - but these moments tend to be more balanced out with significantly more light ones than its brethren.

While this naturally does vary from character to character - the Punisher is never going to have an exceedingly light series, for instance - the rule of thumb is that DC tends to hold a consistently darker tone.

This is hardly a crime, but it does mean that many of the darker moments lose some of their impact, as they're not meted out with comedy, which makes you actively anticipate grim events, instead of being taken off guard by them.


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