8 Reasons Why Marvel Really Is Better Than DC

5. Stan Lee

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Simon & Schuster/Colleen Doran

Even if you absolute despised Marvel comics with ever fibre of your being, it'd still be pretty hard to hate Stan Lee.

While the man is not without controversies - mainly surrounding Marvel creators Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby's allegations that Lee had taken credit for their work - for better of worse, he is largely regarded as a positive figure in the comics industry for actions such as his founding of the Stan Lee Foundation, which aimed to improve access to literary sources and the national literacy rate.

On a more practical note, Lee is also a helpful recognisable face in terms of linking the MCU to the greater Marvel world, as having such a prominent figure in the comics industry appear in films allows fans to feel as though they have some idea of the industry and its creators.

With Lee's tragic passing in 2018, his memorialisation in the thing he loved most - comics - serves to continue this positive influence, all the while showing respect to a bastion of the industry.


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