8 Smartest Decisions In DC Villain History

How do you take down Superman when you're just a man?

Superman Deathstroke
DC Comics

Supervillains may be, as Batman always says, a 'cowardly and superstitious lot', but they know how to bring their A-game when the occasion calls for it. Naturally, given the DC universe is home to some of the most skilled and powerful heroes in the superhero genre, their antagonists have often had to rely on outwitting their opponent rather than engaging them head to head.

Most fail, but a select few manage to succeed - at least for a given time. The fact it's the exception and not the rule makes the whole thing so much more gratifying to see play out, and even though readers never actively will their heroes to fail, there's something brilliant about seeing a villain go to town and come this close to besting them.

It's rare they get to keep their victories after all, but still, it's not difficult to pause and appreciate the methodology behind their schemes, especially if it yields results.

Much as it is satisfying to see Batman take on a New God and win, watching Deathstroke match wits with Superman, or Amanda Waller with the Justice League, makes for a uniquely rewarding reading experience. You don't have to like either, but you can appreciate the lengths they've gone to in order to achieve their goals - particularly when it leads to such devastating consequences...

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