8 Smartest Decisions In DC Villain History

8. The Al Ghuls Get Their Heir - Batman & Son

Batman and Son Talia
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Ever since the al Ghuls were first introduced back during the Bronze Age of comics, their one goal has been to recruit the Dark Knight as an heir to the League of Assassins, and to marry Talia to continue the lineage. They've been vexed in their efforts for decades thanks to Batman's refusal to kill people, and y'know, engage with eco-terrorism, even while Bruce harbours feelings for Ra's' daughter.

So, concocting the ultimate plan, Talia decides to spend the night with Bruce (who doesn't take his mask off, FYI), and uses his DNA to create a baby in an artificial womb. The League would then raise this child, waiting for the right moment to send it to the Caped Crusader to disrupt his crimefighting efforts.

As most will probably have gathered by now, this child was Damian Wayne. Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert's Batman & Son details the plot, and even shows Bruce's biological progeny actively disrupting the Bat-family at the age of ten. He's young, brattish and also a living weapon; quite the quandary, even for the World's Greatest Detective.

As far as plots go, it's actually pretty ingenious. If you can't get the heir you want, have a child, send him to disrupt the old heir (who's incidentally also the biggest threat to your own schemes), while also learning from him, and you're left - in theory - with the ideal candidate.

Of course, Damian sees through his mother's machinations in the end. He's now a Robin, and Talia? Well, she's seen better days.

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