8 Superheroes Who Revealed Their Identities (And Paid The Ultimate Price)

Sometimes, honesty isn't the best policy.

Marvel Comics

It's weird to say, but when you're a superhero, you're generally better off doing literally anything to conceal your secret identity. Although this can involve some morally sketchy behaviour, it's more than fair when the alternative is to reveal who you really are, and then promptly have your entire life ruined in every single way possible.

But some brave souls are either courageous enough, or foolish enough, to try. Over the years plenty of heroes who've previously hidden their civilian self have made who they are public - and generally, this comes with a series of terrible, terrible, things happening to them in response.

This can happen both on an emotional level - as family and friends often are a little upset that their loved one has been lying to them about something so important for so long - or a physical one, as villains tend to like rocking up at inconvenient times to murder you when they can keep tabs on who you are and where you like to hang out.

Though heroes fight for what is right and good, they're also generally better off lying through their teeth as to their true identity, because life is more than a little easier that way.


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