8 Supervillains Who Have NEVER Died

Shout out to Deadshot... not many serve on the Suicide Squad and NEVER DIE.

Marvel Comics

Everybody dies in comics. Even characters who seem god-like or immortal like Doomsday, Apocalypse, Galactus and Thanos have kicked the bucket. Some characters are careless enough to die more than once. Captain America has died at least 12 times. Northstar is the only comic book character who died three times… in one month!

However, characters can be dead and buried for years, even decades and yet, they return in the comics, fresh as a daisy. Supervillains like the Green Goblin and the Anti-Monitor were dead for over twenty years but managed to return from the grave.

In the 2019 story, The Terminus Agenda, the Teen Titans arch-nemesis, Deathstroke was killed. Despite the fact he has battled Superman, Batman, and the entire Justice League, this is the first time Deathstroke died since his debut. He was resurrected shortly after when his corpse was infected with leprosy (which only makes sense if you read comics.) Until this year, Deathstroke was one of the few villains who has never died. Which got us wondering – What other supervillains have never popped their clogs?

For this list, I’ll only be looking at mainstream continuity and not 'What If?' stories or tales which take place in alternative dimensions, different timelines, film adaptations, etc., otherwise no one would qualify!

It takes a truly special villain to cheat the reaper, and here they are...

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