8 Times Asgard Went To War

For a place called The Realm Eternal, Asgard sure does get destroyed a lot.

Marvel Comics/Russell Dauterman

You know who's great? Thor. You know what Thor is great at? War. So, what could possibly be better than Thor waging war? A whole realm of gods waging war on whoever was dumb enough to piss them off that week. Thankfully when you have a king that's as stubborn and as bullheaded as Odin, there is no shortage of villains, empires, and cosmic entities that want nothing more than to burn your realm to the ground.

Everyone from Galactus to the United States government have tried at one point or another to take Asgard down a peg or two. Unfortunately for them, Asgard lives up to its name as the realm Eternal, because even after numerous battles, wars and false Ragnaroks, Asgard is still standing.

Thor has always been a reliable source of action in Marvel Comics, and while he has some epic solo fights, his best fights are always the one where Asgard is right behind him screaming bloody murder.

So, whether they're warring against the Shi'ar, Svartalfheim, or even Earth, here are the absolute best times Asgard went to war...


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