8 Times Black Panther Was Forced To Kill

He has those claws for a reason, right?

Marvel Comics

T'Challa, King of Wakanda, the legendary Black Panther.

Catapulted to stratospheric success thanks largely to his recent live action turns in the MCU, not to ignore his solo venture nabbing six Oscar nominations, Black Panther has risen the ranks of comic heroes and has recently found recognition as a bonafide A-lister.

However, for all his royal standing and MCU crossover appearances, it's easy to forget that King T'Challa is a canonically brutal and imposing combatant who will stop at nothing to secure the safety of Wakanda and her citizens. This is in stark contrast to the peace-seeking X-Men, or the honour-bound Spider-Man, who largely make a point of not killing their foes.

The same cannot be said for T'Challa though, as what good is absolute royal power and superpowers if you can't send a few heads rolling every now and again?

In fairness to the esteemed ruler of Wakanda, he has had to defend the nation time and again from invaders and, when it comes to war, death is an inevitability. There have also been occasions where Black Panther has stepped past the line other heroes won't cross in more traditional superhero stories, making the hero not only a unique member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but one of their more lethal too.


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