8 Times Black Panther Was Forced To Kill

8. Snapping T'Kan's Neck

Marvel Comics

A minor Black Panther with all of about a year of history under his belt, T'Kan is an affiliate of Doctor Doom and a member of the xenophobic, isolated Desturi tribe of Wakanda... all the way until his death at the hands of on again-off again Black Panther mantle holder Shuri.

More passive fans of Marvel might be unaware that the sister of King T'Challa is a fully fledged superhero in her own right in the pages of the comics, often acting as the bonafide Black Panther in place of her more well-known brother.

A swift and brutal kill following a brief fight with T'Challa and Shuri, the brutality shown by the latter is a staunch reminder of just how seriously the Black Panther takes the defence of Wakanda. In one of the few times we get to see them fight alongside one another, it also makes for a nice opportunity to see the two generations of the Black Panther work together, side by side, as brother and sister.


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