8 X-Men Who Are Vastly Under-Rated

6. Psylocke

PsylockeWhat Makes Psylocke a Great Character: Do the words "psychic ninja" mean anything to you? However, Betsy Braddock wasn't always this way. In fact, when she first appeared, overseas, in Captain Britain #8 she was nothing more than the sister of the title hero. It was revealed that she was a mutant with telepathic powers and went on to have some adventures of her own taking over the mantle as Captain Britain. Things turned around for Betsy when she came into contact with the X-Men and joined their ranks. Psylocke has had many changes in her character and powers but despite the inconsistencies she has branched into one of the best. Her signature power is being able to focus her psionic abilities into a purple blade that extends from her fist. She can use this weapon to stun enemies, short-circuit nervous systems, and as an outlet for her telepathy. She has been a recurring character since the 80's and has had some of the coolest displays of power on-panel. So why is she on this list? Why She is So Under-Rated: Despite being a top notch character, being featured in most incarnations of the X-Men since the early 90's, and having some of the best development of all character changes, Psylocke has been abused by many writers time after time again. The story involving how she became a ninja in the first place is so convoluted I won't even try to fully explain it here. What you need to know is this: she was kidnapped and had some of her genes and memories exchanged with a female ninja with empathic abilities. This ninja ended up dying of a virus that targeted mutants but Psylocke retained her abilities, and Asian appearance. Though these new skills gave the character incredible potential many of her further stories simply revolved around this concept. The short miniseries Crimson Dawn also involved Psylocke being given new abilities which were short-lived. Since these instances the character has been killed and revived in what could only be a parody of the entire concept of comic book deaths. The worst treatment the character has ever received, however, is her portrayal outside of the comics. As many fans know, the character had a very small part in the final entry into the original X-Men film trilogy. Not only was she reduced to a minor villainous role, but had her powers changed, and displayed only once, as being able to camouflage herself. It was an insult to the character to have even been referenced as "Psylocke" by director Brett Ratner. This wasn't the only time the character was wrongly portrayed outside of the comic medium. In an episode of "Wolverine and the X-Men" the character of Psylocke once again takes on a villainous role doing a favor for Quicksilver. While showing no signs of even knowing how to defend herself physically, she was also easily manipulated by the Brotherhood and even more easily taken out by Emma Frost in what could only have been a display of general inferiority in regards to her psychic powers. Where She is Now: Psylocke is currently starring in a few titles as both a member of the X-Men and Wolverine's X-Force. It's not her recent treatment within the comics that landed her on this list, however. Here's hoping that the movieverse will take notice of her current status and give Psylocke an adaptation deserving of her name.
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