9 Classic Marvel Characters The Punisher Has Killed

Exploring Frank Castle's bodycount.

Marvel Comics

There's something about an unhinged ex-marine who shoots first and asks questions later that really stands out in world of spandex-clad boy scouts and do-gooders, and that's always been the appeal of The Punisher.

When Frank Castle made his Marvel Comics debut in 1974's Amazing Spider-Man #129, hired to put a bullet in Spidey, he wasn't so much a breath of fresh air as gale-force wind straight from the depths of hell. His tragic backstory and willingness to do what most Marvel characters never could saw him become an instant hit with fans, and his growing popularity ushered in a new age of anti-heroes in the world of comics.

Aside from a brief lull in popularity in the '90s, Punisher and his iconic skull insignia have been mainstays in the Marvel Universe for over five decades, featuring in mini-series, ongoing series and major crossover events across the generations.

What most of these outings have in common is a high bodycount, and it isn't just gangsters who have ended up in Frank's crosshairs. From time to time, comic book royalty has died by his hand, like this bunch of hapless heroes and villains...

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