9 Classic Marvel Characters The Punisher Has Killed

6. Deadpool

Punisher Frank Castle Kills Marvel Universe
Marvel Comics

Thanks to his healing factor, Deadpool is basically unkillable, but Frank Castle found a way to silence the mouthy merc when the pair fought in 2014’s Thunderbolts #29.

The anti-heroes fought to stalemate before ceasing hostilities to express their mutual respect. That's when Punisher takes the opportunity to hack Deadpool to pieces and place each body part in vibranium-lined jars so he couldn't regenerate.

This is just one of several showdowns between Punisher and Deadpool in the modern age of the Marvel Universe, their rivalry dating back to 2001’s Deadpool #54, in which the immortal mercenary is hired to assassinate the vigilante.

They memorably crossed paths in Fred Van Lente and Pere Perez’s aptly-titled miniseries Deadpool vs. The Punisher, and Castle learned the hard way that shooting Wade Wilson in the head at point blank range multiple times is a pointless exercise.

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