9 Famous Spider-Man Comic Book Moments That Will Never Happen In The Movies

8. Doctor Octopus Is The Superior Spider-Man

Despite the acrimony the storyline initially caused, The Superior Spider-Man has been an unqualified success. Writer Dan Slott found a way to develop an entire series around the idea of lifelong villain Doctor Octopus stealing the identity and body of his enemy Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and masquerading as a new and improved version of the Web Slinger. But, the tastes of comic book fans and moviegoers are not always aligned, and it€™'s more likely than not that The Superior Spider-Man is far too wacky and abstract of a concept to work as a two-plus hour feature film.

For one, casual moviegoers tend to identify and sympathize with a clear-cut hero, and it would be immensely difficult to achieve that by building a film around a character that murdered his adversary in order to assume his identity. Additionally, a Superior Spider-Man movie would need a tactfully-written script for the nuances of the character to translate.

Who can forget what we got the last time Peter Parker went to the €œdark side€ €- a bad haircut and disco dancing. Such things need to be avoided.


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