9 Fantastic Daredevil Comic Runs

Shadowland. However, what other Daredevil stories are worth looking into, especially if you need a good place to start? Well, if you're not ready to jump into Waid's intricate, fun, sexy, swashbuckling Daredevil tales, then here's a list that should make you feel right at home with the blind lawyer of Hell's Kitchen; and my personal favorite fictional character of all time.

9. Daredevil: Noir

Marvel's Noir set was very hit and miss. It was incredibly refreshing to see every character reinterpreted with a new flair and style, but some stories were just too boring and flat to be truly investing (X-Men, Wolverine, Luke Cage). However, Alexander Irvine's take with Matt Murdock was positively thrilling, seductive, and brilliant. Murdock was a character practically tailored for the noir style (which was something Frank Miller capitalized in his runs), and Irvine isn't afraid to run with it. Tom Coker's fantastic artwork captivates on every page, detailing the grit necessary to bring this particular story alive. With a stand-alone mystery at its front, combined with a classic noir love story and tense action, Daredevil Noir is a surprising, fantastic take on the blind lawyer of Hell's Kitchen. What are you waiting for? Buy it now!

Cameron Carpenter is an aspiring screenwriter, current film and journalism student, and self-diagnosed cinephile, which only sounds bad in certain circles. Devoted fan of comics, movies, theater, Jesus Christ, Sidney Lumet, and Peter O'Toole, he sometimes spends too much time on his Scribd and comicbookmovie.com, but doesn't think you're one to judge, devoted reader. You can follow him on Twitter to watch him talk to people you didn't know exist. Oh, and Daredevil is quite the big deal around here (my head).