9 Mind Blowing "What If?" Scenarios That Almost Changed Comics Forever

Watchmen without Rorschach? It almost happened...

Superman DC Comics
DC Comics

The comics industry has been no stranger to close calls over the years. The inception of some of the world's most famous fictional icons has come down to a knife-edge more times than not, and the same goes for their ownership too; you only have to look at the many, many legal disputes that have arisen between Superman's creators and DC for confirmation of that.

And it's not just a case of changes off the page having a profound effect on the medium either - quite the opposite. Creative decisions that have gone on to define entire comic book universes very nearly didn't happen, and some of the world's most famous comic book storylines could have - in many respects - looked drastically different than the finished product.

We all love a good alternate history or two, and no medium more-so than the comics one has set about exploring them so emphatically. With that in mind, it’s probably a good idea to turn the tables, at least to consider, for a second at least, how different it all could’ve been.

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