9 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Gwen Stacy

Somehow Gwen dying isn't even the worst thing to happen to her.

Marvel Comics / John Romita Sr

Gwen Stacy is one of the most important characters in the history of comic books.

While some may dismiss Gwen as merely a supporting player in the larger story of Spider-Man, she's far more than that. This is a character who was (and alt-world is?) pivotal in the comics industry, with Gwen being involved in several huge comic book moments and likewise being a major influence on the comic book business overall.

Created by the legendary duo of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy made her official bow in December 1965's The Amazing Spider-Man #31. At times depicted as a free spirited party girl, at others a super-smart genius, Gwen went on to become a prominent part of the Spider-Man comics over the next several years.

Of course, that "prominent part of" element was brutally brought to an end in 1973 when Gwen was killed off.

That moment in itself is such a key point in comic book history, but that, believe it or not, was not the only horrendous thing to have happened to Gwen.

If you thought death was bad, that’s sadly just the tip of the iceberg for the brilliant, but tragically doomed Gwen Stacy.


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