Batman: Arkham - Everything You Need To Know About The Court Of Owls

Did you miss their Arkham Origins Easter Egg?

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After years of waiting, another Batman: Arkham is now just around the corner. The next title will be developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, the team that previously helmed the series' criminally underrated 2013 prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins, and will supposedly focus on the Court of Owls.

Numerous rumours have pointed towards the sinister cult dominating the next Arkham prequel's story, with other shadowy figures waiting in the wings. Now, with Court of Owls writer Scott Snyder having deleted a tweet hyping the Court's involvement in Montreal's next project, it seems like their involvement is a done deal.

But who are the Court of Owls? They're a relatively new creation, but one that's made quite a sizeable impression since debuting in 2011 - as has been evidenced by their meteoric rise over the last eight years. They've clearly been deemed a big enough threat to lead the charge on WB's next Batman title, but given they're not among the Dark Knight's more well known adversaries, it stands to reason that some fans aren't as clued up on them as they are with the Jokers and Two-Faces of this world.

So, from their comic book origins to their potential history in the Arkhamverse, here’s everything Batman: Arkham fans need to know about the Court of Owls!

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