Batman: Ranking Every Robin Worst To Best

From Dick Grayson to Damian Wayne, which Robin comes out on top?

DC Comics

No character embodies the spirit of the trusted companion better than Robin, Batman's ward and right-hand for over seven decades. Since 1940, Robin has fought with Batman against all threats to Gotham and the world at large, becoming one of the most cherished characters in DC's catalogue.

The Robin identity is well-known, but that mantle has been held by several characters. Each of these characters' tenure as the Dark Knight's sidekick were different, and have subsequently sparked debate in the fan community.

But which Robin is the best of all? No less than five have taken on the identity in the mainstream DC Universe, and with each experiencing varying degrees of success, it's only natural that some Robins are better than others.

6. Stephanie Brown

DC Comics

Stephanie Brown is probably best known as Spoiler, but for a brief period she was Batman's protege following the resignation of her then boyfriend, Tim Drake. Bruce Wayne was hesitant to take her under his wing as she wasn't as adept at crimefighting as previous Robins - an instinct he probably should've trusted.

Stephanie's term as Batman's field partner was as short as it was tragic. After a falling out that led to her dismissal as Robin, Brown stole some of Batman's plans to deal with the entirety of Gotham's criminal syndicates in one blow. This was an obvious mistake to everyone but Stephanie, but she was determined to prove herself worthy of the uniform.

To no one's surprise the plan ended up being botched and then led to an all out gang war. It also resulted in Stephanie being tortured and mortally wounded by Black Mask.

Of course Stephanie was revived because this is comics and no one stays dead. She would return as Spoiler, but her death marks another failure for Bruce Wayne and drove Tim Drake away from Gotham - at least for a period of time.


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