Batman: Ranking The Bat-Family Worst To Best

Batman has some brilliant allies, but which one is the best?

Batman Hush Bat Family
DC Comics/Jim Lee

In the 1950s, when Jack Schiff saw how much success Superman was having with his extended family, he suggested to Bob Kane that the same treatment be applied to Batman. And lo, the Bat Family was born.

Outside of Alfred and Robin Kathy Kane would be the first new addition as the original Batwoman, but over the decades the cast has expanded to include some familiar faces, as well as the occasional shocking turn from villain to hero.

It would be impossible to rate every single character that has come and gone as you'd be reading this article for a long time. However, what follows is a look at the current members that fall under the Bat Family umbrella, as of 2019.

Heroes have come and gone, while others only share a tenuous link with the Dark Knight's team. For now, however, here are the ones who are currently making waves with the Caped Crusader on Earth Prime.

19. Lucius Fox

Batman Hush Bat Family
DC Comics

Being a genius inventor and a fantastic businessman isn't enough to boost poor old Lucius any higher up this list. Neither is the fact that this year marks his 40th anniversary as part of Bat-lore.

Unfortunately for Fox Sr, outside of his ability to get kidnapped at the drop of a hat, he really doesn't bring much to the table.

He is an essential cog in the Batman machine, however. By running Wayne Enterprises and ensuring that the money keeps rolling in he frees up Bruce to do what he loves best - punching people in the face.


Jack of all trades, Master of none. The former rocker of the big beard.