Can You Name 100% Of These Characters From The X-Men Universe By Their Picture?

Think you're a true X-Men fan? See if you can pick out Marvel's favourite mutants...

Marvel Comics

The X-Men universe has been around for so long, they've introduced hundreds of characters - good and evil - over the years. In fact, there was a point in time that it felt like a new super-powered mutant was introduced in every issue. With decades worth of stories, our favourite members of the Charles Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters have fought with and against many threats.

That's why we've gone through the entire history of the X-Men and picked out some of the most famous - and lesser known - characters to have a role in the team's tales.

Unless you're a fan who has knowledge from the past and the present, you're going to be flummoxed because getting every single answer correct will be impossible. Especially as you'll only have the pictures of the characters to guide you.

However, if you truly believe that you've read enough of the X-Men lore to tell the difference from Shatterstar and Sunspot or Warpath and Thunderbird, then this is absolutely quiz for you. It's time to put your mutant knowledge to the ultimate test.

Answers at the end!

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