Can You Name These X-Men Villains? - Quiz

Even the biggest Marvel fans will struggle to name these X-Men villains.

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Professor X's X-Men have been battling evil mutants, planet-destroying aliens, galaxy-consuming gods, and mutant-haters for nearly sixty years. But if your knowledge of the merry mutants is based purely on the 20th Century Fox adaptations, you'd assume the team face off against Magneto every fortnight.

Even though these X-ceptional and X-cellent superheroes have a diverse rogue gallery, very few of their iconic villains have appeared on the big screen. Because of this, even die-hard fans of the X-Men films can't name some of the most famous enemies of Wolverine & Co.

Even if you are well-acquainted with the Children of the Atom, you still might draw a blank when you see some of their lesser-known baddies. Some villains posed a massive threat to the X-Men in early stories but have since, fallen into obscurity. Some of them only made a handful of appearances. Some look so drastically different to their live-action counterpart, you'd never believe it's the same character.

If you live and breath X-Men, you should recognise a lot of these characters but only a select few will be able to name them all.

1. Who Is This?

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