Captain Marvel: 12 Major Characters From The Comics You Need To Know

4. Phyla-Vell

Marvel Comics

When Genis-Vell went mad and destroyed and recreated the world, he created a new universe where everything was mostly the same but for some subtle differences. One of these differences was that of Elysius, bolstered by the success of Genis-Vell, creating a second artificial child, Phyla-Vell.

Phyla faced her mad brother in battle when he had been driven insane, and helped him regain his sanity, becoming a cosmic warrior in her own right, fighting most often alongside Moondragon, who became her lover.

For a time, she was Captain Marvel, but when Genis-Vell took the title back, she eventually took on the title of Quasar, replacing another.

Later, when she became an Avatar of Oblivion, she became known as Martyr.

In her time, Phyla-Vell fought many great foes, including Thanos, Ultron, Galactus, and the evil future version of Adam Warlock, The Magus. She was also a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, working with Drax to save Moondragon and bring her back after her death at the hands of Ultron.

Though she was extremely powerful, a later encounter with a resurrected Thanos resulted in her death.


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