Chip Zdarsky MAY Be Writing An X-Men Book

The acclaimed Daredevil and Spider-Man writer may be taking his talents to Marvel's mutants...

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Chip Zdarsky, the brilliant writer behind the likes of Spider-Man: Life Story and the current Daredevil run, has just hinted that he may be writing an X-book… or he could just be getting up to his usual brand of hijinks – either is a very real possibility.

This hint came from Zdarsky’s own, frankly hilarious newsletter, in which he named one of his “future secret projects” ““PROJECT INTEREXTING.””, a pretty unsubtle indication that one of the writer’s next projects will be a mutant related comic. Here’s the full quotation:

"Hmm, fine. I guess it’s okay for me to talk about future secret projects, teasing you with little clues while revealing almost nothing except for my excitement at the job.

This weekend I was working on … let’s call it … “PROJECT INTEREXTING.”

A further indication was given when Zdarsky also confirmed that the book “was not at DC”.

If these hints are to be believed, then X-Men fans should be very excited. The books that Zdarsky has written over the last few years have been excellent, from 2017’s Star Lord to 2019’s Daredevil ongoing, Zdarsky has managed to craft some amazing stories that boast an array of tones and characters

Though, as suggested earlier, Zdarsky could simply be stirring the rumour pot, in which case he is a very very cruel man and I, for one, am very sad.


What X-Men comic do you want Zdarsky on? Let us know in the comments below!

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