Darth Vader's 10 Most Impressive Kills In Marvel Comics

8. Darth Vader Killed Governor Ahr With A Giant Space Crab

Darth Vader Best Kills
Marvel Comics

Speaking of unconventional workplace practices, here's Darth Vader dealing with an overbearing boss by means of giant space crab.

The unfortunate individual being bisected by the colossal crustacean is Governor Ahr - an Imperial official who made the fatal mistake of pushing Vader too far. Ahr was granted total control over Vader by Palpatine after the apprentice Sith went rogue on a mission to eradicate a rebel cell, and it's safe to say the governor relished holding the leash of Palpatine's attack dog.

Ahr essentially treated Vader as a one-man Suicide Squad, sending the Sith Lord into various battles against ludicrous odds and openly hoping each fight would be the one that ended Vader for good. (Remember, Vader had a rather fraught relationship with Imperial officials).

Ahr's desperation to see the Dark Lord of the Sith dead lead to his downfall, as he defied Imperial orders to enter a restricted zone, tasking Vader with killing "the greatest threat there". Ahr was talking about the capital-ship-sized crab that called the zone its home, but Vader interpreted his words differently. And, for Ahr, fatally.

By breaking Imperial decree to get rid of Vader, Ahr overstepped his boundaries and proved himself a liability. This made him the greatest threat to the Empire, so Vader dispatched him by luring the Kaiju Crab to the Governor's Star Destroyer, where the Governor - standing by the bridge window - was defenestrated by the creature.


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