Dawn Of X: 10 Spin-Off Comics Marvel Must Make

We all know Wolverine and Storm; what about the lesser known "side characters" and their stories?

Marvel Comics

In 2019, Marvel will be publishing their two new editions to the Marvel Universe; House of X and Powers of X (pronounced as "Powers of Ten"). Both comics represent one crossover event in the Marvel Universe that will lead to a wider relaunch, dubbed Dawn of X.

As revealed at the Marvel next Big Thing panel at Comic Con, Jonathan Hickman will be spearheading a full relaunch of the X-Men line that includes six new titles in the Dawn of X franchise.

Many of the titles featured in Dawn of X will also feature familiar team names that have been fundamentally re-imagined for Dawn of X. One example being Excalibur, which features Betsy Braddock abandoning the Psylocke name and taking up the mantle of Captain Britain. Further series based on the New Mutants, X-Force, and the Marauders are all planned, but there's likely to be more on the way.

With our old, beloved heroes seemingly being reinvented for Dawn of X, one can’t help but wonder who else will feature in their own off-shoot of the series. Marvel certainly doesn't have a shortage of mutants to choose from, but who deserves their own comic the most?


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