DC Quiz: How Well Do You ACTUALLY Know Batman?

You wanna get nuts? Try this quiz!

DC Comics/Dick Sprang

Batman may not be DC's oldest character, but it is fair to say he's their most storied. With over 75 years worth of comics, TV shows, films and video games, the Caped Crusader has taken on a significance unlike any other hero, embodying what is - to many - the very definition of a superhero.

With such a history (and a reputation), it should come as no surprise to hear that fans have spent decades collecting, researching and reading everything about the character, or even that a whole load of misconceptions have developed surrounding him too.

When it comes to the Dark Knight, everyone thinks they're the World's Greatest Detective. But with so many ret-cons, interpretations and alterations to have featured the character in some way, it's likely that fans are going to slip up somewhere.

That does not, however, mean they can't put their knowledge to the test every now and then, and with the following fifteen questions having been devised to challenge even the most seasoned Bat-Fanatics - spanning his comics, films and TV shows - there's no better place to do so, than here.

1. In What Comic Did Batman First Appear?

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