Death Of Wolverine: 10 Far Better Ways He Should've Died

There had to be a better way to go than looking like a knock-off Han Solo in carbonite.

Wolverine is not just a mutant and member of the X-Men. He is arguably the most identifiable mutant and X-man in existence, at first slowly growing in popularity after his debut brawl with Hulk and and then exploding into a fan favorite when Chris Claremont took him on during his epic run on the X-Men some decades ago. Sure, the character has had his missteps in comics or other forms of media (the less we talk about Wolverine: Origins, the better), but throughout his fictional life Wolverine has captured the imagination of countless fans intrigued by his mysterious history (that eventually was revealed in the shocking Origin mini-series), tough-guy attitude, and healing-factor that is as cool as it is admittedly kind of gross. Considering how much love Wolverine gets, when not too long ago Marvel finally confirmed the rumors that everyone's favorite cigar-chomping badass was going to die in an epic comic event, it raised some eyebrows and got a lot of people excited. Then they made him mortal and had him frozen into a statue via liquid-hot adamantium. Yeah. Considering just how amazing and popular a character Wolverine was (or is, as do our heroes ever truly die?) here are 10 far better ways Marvel could have given him the sendoff he deserved.

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