Death Of Wolverine: 10 Far Better Ways He Should've Died

10. Drowning, Of Course

It's so obvious that it has to be listed first. Wolverine has a skeleton made out of a heavy metal known as adamantium, and those of you with a passing knowledge of science are aware that heavy things don't float well in water. Therefore, should you want to kill Wolverine, it really could be as simple as tripping him face down into a kiddie-pool and not letting him up until his brain runs out of oxygen, dies, and his body goes with it. Perhaps the fact this is such a clearly easy way to kill Wolverine is why Marvel had often teased it in the past as a way Wolverine's enemies would try to off him, but not what Marvel actually did. Still, the fact it would be so unsurprising for Marvel to kill Wolverine this way...would have actually made it a tad surprising if they had just gone and drowned him.
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