Doomsday Clock: Everything We Know About DC's Watchmen Crossover

8. Doctor Manhattan And Superman Take Centre Stage

DC Comics

Geoff Johns is kind of a big deal at DC. He was a celebrated writer there long before he landed a key role shaping its on-screen ambitions with the DC Extended Universe.

The man will have a creative hand in upcoming movies such as Justice League, Aquaman and The Flash, but at Comic-Con 2017, he was all about the comics, holding an in-depth panel to give fans the skinny on Doomsday Clock.

During the event, Johns confirmed that Doctor Manhattan will have a major part to play in the story, having been given a more substantial role than his Rebirth cameo.

“You don’t want to just do a cameo. It’s not a gimmick. I don’t want to have Dr. Manhattan show up for the end of Rebirth, and then he’s in two pages of a book later on. If there’s one being out there that could mess with time in such a radical way and challenge hope, I just felt like Dr. Manhattan was it.”

Teaser artwork for the project depicts the iconic Watchman Doomsday Clock ticking away, with the Superman logo positioned at midnight.

You don't need Ozymandias-level genius to work out that the Man of Steel is a part of the story, but according to Johns at Comic-Con, “He is the story”.

And speaking of Ozymandias...


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