Doomsday Clock: Everything We Know About DC's Watchmen Crossover

3. Doomsday Clock Has Political Overtones

DC Comics

A 12-issue run won't be the only thing Doomsday Clock has in common with the original Watchmen.

Alan Moore's acclaimed series is celebrated for its sharp social commentary, and Geoff Johns is hoping his crossover event can take a few pages out of its book.

Johns was inspired to complete the story in light of recent world events, one of them being the US presidential election, but the series will reference much more than domestic politics...

“It is about much more than the American president or the reactions to him. That is low hanging fruit to me. It goes bigger, deeper. It is about the world, and the attitude of people. I feel like there are extremes now everywhere, extremes on all sides. There is no more olive branch. It doesn’t exist.

"I feel like people, more and more, are separated. They are choosing sides, instead of figuring out how to make life better together. There is a real sense of anger, and frustration, and there is not a lot of compassion, or willingness to understand in the world…
"The truth is, if the world and the country didn’t go a certain way, I don’t know that we would be telling this story. For us, the story would not exist if the last year didn’t unfold the way it did, and the rise of extremism wasn’t so palpable.”

Let's just hope it doesn't end up taking us to an alternative universe where Donald Trump gets a second term.


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