Frank Miller: Ranking His Comics From Worst To Best

7. Daredevil: Love And War (1986)

Again, Bill Sienkiewicz is a unique artist that works well with Miller; Love and War is a lot less abstract than Elektra: Assassin, and there's much more story here. The "plot", however, is not one of a typical comic book. Some of Miller's best writing surrounds the gigantic figure of the Kingpin Wilson Fisk, and in Love and War he is centre stage. Fisk is as fleshed out as Matt Murdock is, if not more, and Miller goes a long way to humanise a previously cold villain. Above all, Love and War is just a beautiful book. It's not the first Daredevil comic you should pick up, but if you're a fan of the Man Without Fear, the Kingpin Wilson Fisk, the Lanky One Frank Miller or the brilliant artist Bill Sienkiewicz, it doesn't get much better than this.

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